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TandaPay For Merchants

Payment Freedom for your customers

With TandaPay customers from any network can make payments to your business via *712#

*712# is the inteprobable channel.

Your customers don't have to worry about how to pay your business the payment steps will be the same across all networks.

Easy and Secure Sign up

We have made it easy for you to sign up on TandaPay as an individual merchant or a Head Office Merchant

Onboard all your businesses and issue them TandaPay Tills.

Become a Merchant Head Office, Manage & issue Tills to your businesses.

Withdraw collections to your preferred bank or mobile money network

You have the Freedom to withdraw collections to any channel

TandaPay for Organizations

Why TandaPay is for your organization

TandaPay empowers organizations with a dynamic payment gateway, streamlining funds collection and disbursement across all networks and banks. Manage multiple tills effortlessly under one account for unmatched financial control, efficiency, and clear transparency.
Issue Tills to your businesses
Taylor one or more mulitple wallets for business needs
Multiple Payment options for your customers giving each of them
the freedom to make payments to you
Disburse payments to your customers preferred payment channel
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TandaPay for Developers

TandaPay's API and WAAS platform empower developers to create versatile, secure, and compliant financial applications. Whether you're building for retail, remittances, or to promote financial inclusion, our tools are designed to help you innovate and expand your service offerings.


TandaPay's Till Apis ensures your applications are not just limited to a single ecosystem. Our platform facilitates seamless transactions across different financial networks, enhancing user experience and expanding your service reach.


With our Till Apis, you have the flexibility to tailor the wallet experience to meet your specific business needs and customer preferences. Whether it's for retail payments, remittances, or financial inclusion efforts, TandaPay provides the tools you need to create a personalized financial solution.

Security and Compliance

Security is paramount in financial transactions. TandaPay's Till Apis comes with built-in security features and compliance frameworks, ensuring that your application adheres to the highest standards of data protection and financial regulations.

Speed to Market

Leveraging our Till Apis significantly reduces your development timeline. With our robust APIs and SDKs, you can quickly integrate wallet functionality into your applications, allowing you to focus on your core offerings and get to market faster.